Getting a Doctor’s Note for School and Work related Absence

The workplace or school environment can become hectic adding to the general stress and pressure of today’s contemporary existence which could cause you to experience a breakdown either mentally, emotionally or physically. When you find yourself in any of these scenarios, skipping work or school becomes necessary but you can’t just skip school or work; you need a doctors’ note to be able to stay away from work or school without penalty.

Doctors Note: what it is?

Doctors note sometimes referred to a doctor’s excuse are written notes from a medical practitioner excusing an individual from an engagement due to medical reasons. Someone requiring medical attention or someone that is sick is not in the right physical or psychological state to engage in work or academic endeavors and so needs a written doctor’s note explaining the medical reason why the individual must skip work or school in order to receive proper medical attention so as to get better.

Information that should be included in a doctors’ note

Actually, there are no rigid rules as to the specifics or timeliness that a doctor’s note should have on the period of absence. This is because illnesses, treatments, and recuperation from these illnesses vary due to the nature of the ailment. Basically, every doctor’s note should contain a brief description of the nature of the ailment, the doctor’s professional opinion on the projected duration of treatment, and the length of absence expected.

It is advisable however for you to check your school or company’s policy concerning the occasions when submission of a medical note is permissible. Of cause, this rule is malleable in cases of sudden medical emergencies which are usually unforeseen.

It has been noted that some workers and students sometimes go as far as faking general doctors or dentist excuse notes so as to skip work or school. Though this method works in most cases, it is advisable that you don’t fake any doctor’s or dentist signature as this will be tantamount to breaking the law, and you can be prosecuted and jailed because of it.

Medical Practitioners that can provide Doctors notes

Many countries Personnel Management Department stipulates in their regulations that employees and students can get sick or medical leaves whenever they have a need for medicals which requires them to take time away from the classroom or workplace. Though some employers or schools may request medical notes from a student or worker before issuing the medically related leaves, getting a medical practitioner to draft the note isn’t always necessary. In the U.S. for example, such notes can be gotten from various healthcare workers even though they are not doctors or dentists or ophthalmologists. It also doesn’t matter if they are practicing their craft in a foreign country and are also adhering to that country’s laws.

Health care providers that are acceptable are:

Medical doctors


For chiropractors, the note must be accompanied by an X-ray



Clinical psychologists


Physician Assistants

Nurse practitioners

Nurse midwives

Clinical social workers


It is pertinent to state at this juncture that obtaining a medical leave note from a doctor to present either your employer or to your school isn’t a difficult task or procedure. All you have to do is for you to go and visit a doctor or a provider of healthcare that would write the note for you depending on the nature of your ailment.